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Can You Clean Carpet With Vinegar

Be wary of everything you read on the internet. Although some websites extol the virtues of vinegar as a multi-purpose cleaner, you should not use vinegar on the carpet. Let’s examine why.

Recently, a lot of information has been published online that explains how you can use vinegar for various purposes other than just cooking. According to the information presented on the internet, you can utilize vinegar in various different therapeutic applications. On some websites, it is stated that vinegar can be used for cleaning and that this includes using vinegar to clean carpets. Is that the case?

Vinegar for Removing Molds

Can You Clean Carpet With Vinegar

To put it simply, vinegar is not an appropriate cleaning agent for carpets, so it’s better not to use it. Vinegar can be used as a natural disinfectant for cleaning. However, it cannot remove dirt or soil from surfaces or carpeting. You can use vinegar to clean surfaces, but it cannot clean carpets.

Vinegar is one of the cleaning solutions that is one of the least effective for removing dirt from the fibers of carpets. That is even though it is excellent for countertops. Mixing it with baking soda? It won’t be of any use. In point of fact, the result of applying this mixture to your carpet is going to be a foamy paste that will only make the staining worse. Mixing vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is not recommended either. It’s because it generates fumes that can irritate the respiratory system and the skin. Therefore, you should keep the vinegar in order to use it in the kitchen and the bathroom. However you shouldn’t allow it to come into contact with any of your fabrics or rugs.

There are suggestions that combining vinegar and baking soda to clean the carpet would be effective, but neither of these approaches proved successful. This combination produces a salty paste that does not remove dirt. As a result, will need to be removed from your carpet as well. Moreover, it will leave a residue behind.

How to Clean Carpet Without a MachineVinegar as a Carpet Cleaning Agent

Even if vinegar were able to remove some of the loose dirt particles on the surface of the carpet, it would not be able to remove the deeper embedded dirt that necessitates hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Your bottle of vinegar does not have the cleaning power necessary to remove the dirt and bacteria embedded in the carpet fibers and remove them.

You may ask, “But what about those videos that show vinegar removing stains?”. Believe us when we say that the vinegar will not remove stains that are deeply ingrained in your carpet. It may even cause damage to the fibers of your carpet. You will end up with the same dirt that you had before. That’s in addition to the additional issues of color fading and changes in the texture of the carpet.

If your carpet smells, you might want to consider making your own vinegar spray to cover up the smell until a professional carpet cleaner can remove the stain. However, this is probably the extent of vinegar’s usefulness for cleaning carpets. Other uses for vinegar in carpet cleaning are unlikely.

Call the Professionals for the Best Carpet Cleaning

Be wary of claims that non-cleaning products, such as vinegar or baking soda, can clean carpets or other items in your home when searching online for do-it-yourself carpet cleaning tips. Take precautions, but if you really need help, call in the experts.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if the stains on your carpet just won’t come out, no matter what you try. Epic Carpet and Tile is more than happy to provide you with cleaning recommendations or answer any questions you have.