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Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Polishing in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Areas

  • First we will do a thorough pre-inspection of the stone to determine a plan for your specific cleaning and sealing needs
  • Before we pull our solution & suction hoses into your home or office, we will place corner guards around the walls to protect your property. We will also line the baseboards with blue tape if we are polishing the stone.
  • At this time we will start to pre-spray the areas you want done first with the proper pre-treat. This will breakdown the dirt and oils that have built up on the stone.
  • Next step is a power scrub of all grout lines and stone surfaces, this will achieve maximum soil removal.
  • We will then extract and rinse the stone with a neutral soft water rinse using state of the art tile cleaning equipment. There will be no residue left on your stone.
  • Post spotting will then occur on spots or stains that did not come out with the initial cleaning process.
  • After the extraction process we will then dry stroke your stone to maximize dry times.
  • This is where we will apply sealer to the stone & grout. A fine buffing pad is used to buff the sealer into the stone.
  • Once the sealer has dried we will start the polishing process by first applying 2 inch blue tape around any cabinets or baseboards. This is an important step to protect your property.
  • We polish a small area at a time to make sure the polish is applied evenly. We will work on each area until it is polished to it’s maximum degree of allowance.
  • Once the main areas are polished we will use a mini polishing tool and polish all the edges and corners.
  • We will then wipe down any floors that we did not clean but have walked on or pulled our equipment over.
  • Post inspection is done to make sure you are happy with the results.
  • Booties are left for you and your family or employees to wear during the drying process.
  • A follow up call is made to you 2-4 days after the job is complete to make sure you are 100% happy. If there are any problems we will return at no extra charge and address the issue.

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