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Upholstery Cleaning Scottsdale

Upholstery Cleaning ScottsdaleIn Scottsdale, our specialty is upholstery cleaning and we ensure that only top quality eco-friendly, self-neutralizing, bio-degradable and non-toxic chemicals and compounds are used for your upholstery. Our staff has been specially trained to deal with all fabrics and fibers. So that your specific upholstery fabric will receive only expert care and attention.

Scottsdale Upholstery Methods of Cleaning

At Epic, our Upholstery Cleaning technicians uses a variety of methods for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. At the end of the day our methods are the best. And will never leave residue behind for the dirt to ling to. This means that once we clean the Upholstery it stays cleaner longer. Using harsh chemicals or detergents can attract dirt and dust to the Upholstery. Therefore, they will need cleaning more often. We provide end-to-end cleaning services for all your household and office needs.

From carpets to wood floors, air ducts to furniture upholstery and auto upholstery, we offer it all to our valued customers. So whatever your upholstery cleaning needs are, we assess the situation and work accordingly. At Epic Carpet and Tile we also provides carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and air duct cleaning services so you can contact us and have a clean home/office all in one day!

Total Floor care solution Phoenix

Epic Capet and tile we provide a total solution for floor care of homes, offices and businesses. From natural stone floor cleaning, to tile & grout cleaning. Throughout the valley there is no job too large or too small. Natural stone can pose unique challenges and not all cleaning agents should be used. As they can alter the color or the appearance of stone and grout combinations and ruin the color scheme. At Epic Capet and tile, our experts have the ability to know the best techniques for cleaning, polishing and renewing your floors. As a result, a like-new shine floor without harming the stone itself.

We offer full stone cleaning services, Saltillo tile cleaning, grout renewal, hardwood floor cleaning and polishing services – that are all designed to renew and freshen your floors, extending their lifetime. While saving you money on replacement flooring.
While you relax with a cup of coffee, our well-trained, competent floor care technicians will restore your soiled tile, grout and natural stone surfaces to like-new condition. No job is too challenging for the enthusiastic, conscientious employees of Epic Capet and tile.

Stone Cleaning Scottsdale

Stone sealing includes, floor preparation, selection of stone sealing application and stone sealer. The sealer will coat the surface and will sit until it has fully soak up. And then the excess will be take off and polish.

Stone Polishing

Stone polishing means adding gloss to your stone. Are your floors looks old or losing that new factory shine. Or maybe just want to re-polish high traffic areas that are losing shine? We can do all of those and more. Capable of restoring your natural stone floor back to its original glossy look. We can also add more glass for the perfect finishing touch.

Grout Sealing, Cleaning

Want to change the color or renew your grout? Once the grout cleaning process is complete. A color sealer can be paint off on the surface of the grout. In which it creates a newer looking grout surface while still providing adequate protective sealant.