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How to Clean Stone Tile

Stone tile is both a beautiful and costly flooring investment. Therefore, you must utilize the correct cleaning products and procedures to care for them. Ammonia and bleach are common home cleaners that can harm stone tile; however, using natural solutions and techniques on your stone flooring guarantees its beauty is maintained and improved.

Cleaning Stone Tile

How to Clean Stone Tile

Stone tile is a popular choice for flooring since it is sturdy and waterproof. Although it is popular, stone tile must be cleaned frequently and carefully maintained to maintain a good shape. You can mop your floor with warm water and detergent for regular cleaning. It would help if you cleaned spots as soon as possible, and the cleaning used for areas depends on what was spilled. It would be best to clean the grout regularly to maintain a bright floor and tile.

Do a General Cleaning

Scrub the tile.

Sweep the tile to start the cleaning procedure. Sweeping stone tile is necessary because it eliminates microscopic particles that might harm the floor, such as sand. You may use any broom, but a dust mop is excellent because it speeds up cleaning.

When moving furniture to clean the floor, do not drag it. Instead, have someone assist you in lifting and moving it.

Use a dish soap-soaked mop.

Cleaning your tile with a mop and dish soap is the simplest method. Instead of a harsh and acidic cleanser, use a few teaspoons (30-45 mL) of pH-neutral dish soap. In a bucket, combine the cleanser and water, then use a mop to clean the floor until it is spotless.

Clean the floor.

You can reuse the bucket and mop you used to clean the floor but thoroughly rinse them. There should be no detergent left behind. You should add warm water to the bucket. Rinse the floor with the mop. Warm water on the tile eliminates streaks produced by residual cleaning.

Dry with a towel.

Drying the floor by hand is much better than allowing it to air dry. This is because air drying can cause water spots. You may grab a clean towel and dry the floor by hand. It may take a while, but it gives your foot the best result.

Give the floor a shine.

Complete your cleaning by giving your floors an added shine. An easy way to do this is to use a few tablespoons of salt. Rub the salt with a wet cloth until the fabric is dry and soft. You can also use extra virgin wax or self-shining wax.

Best Ways to Clean Any Tile Floors


Get a professional if the stone tile or any floor is too unclean to clean on your own. You can find a specialist in your region if you utilize Google or the phone book.

Place entrance mats to prevent dust off the flooring.

To keep floors gleaming, mop with warm water once a week.


It would be best if you never mix ammonia and bleach. When breathed, the mixture is hazardous.

Avoid using cleansers containing acid, such as vinegar. Acids can discolor the grout and ruin the floor sealant.

To avoid unintentional harm, check the stone’s substance before cleaning it. For example, cleaning sandstone tiles requires fewer abrasive procedures than cleaning harder stones.

Contact the Professionals

Professional carpet and tile cleaners offer several advantages to you and your home. They have the necessary expertise, skills, and equipment to remove all sorts of stains and debris without causing harm to carpets and tiles. They may also provide appropriate sanitation solutions to guarantee that your home is free of hazardous chemicals.