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How To Clean Wool Carpet

Any space may be made more elegant with the addition of a wool carpet, which also has the benefit of being very good at hiding dirt. On the other hand, this might have a negative impact because, over time, the debris can wear away the natural wool strands in your rug, leaving it unsightly. This decorative item requires regular surface cleanings and periodic, more in-depth cleanings to remain in excellent condition. The following explains how to clean a wool rug from the top down.

Wool carpets offer a plush texture, a visually appealing appearance, and a color depth that cannot be imitated by mats made of synthetic fibers. Wool carpets are highly durable and naturally resistant to filth and static and flame-retardant.

A carpet made of high-quality wool can survive for generations. In contrast, a rug made of synthetic materials may only last for a few years. This produces a synthetic carpet that appears to be more expensive than it is.

Not least, wool is a better material for the environment than other options. Wool is a fully biodegradable natural substance that comes back year after year. It is in contrast to synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic sourced from petroleum. Wool is also a renewable resource.

How to Clean Wool Carpet

Why Wool Carpets Require a Higher Level of Maintenance

Because wool naturally has a slightly waxy layer and resists dirt and spills, a carpet made of wool may withstand more “abuse” than a carpet made of synthetic materials before it begins to look dirty. However, the thread has certain downsides too:

It may shrink due to heat or an excessively prolonged drying period.

Wool fibers can be damaged, and they can strip their color away if they are subjected to bleaching or brightening agents, even those that are risk-free for use on synthetic carpets.

Wool carpets naturally absorb water, making them difficult to move. Also, prolonged drying can leave an unpleasant scent and cause shrinking. This cycle can continue until the wool carpet is completely saturated with water.

How To Clean and Maintain Wool Carpet

It is generally agreed upon that vacuuming a wool carpet regularly, preferably at least once a week and more frequently in high-traffic areas, is the most effective way to preserve it in good condition. Because of this, washing the carpet more often than once every one to two years will no longer be essential.

If the wool carpet you need to clean has a pile, set the beater brush on your vacuum to the appropriate height for the bank. And then use it to help beat the dirt out of the carpet fibers. It is only necessary if your vacuum comes equipped with a beater brush. If you have a rug with woolen loops, you should avoid using a beater brush since it can damage the wool. Instead, use a regular bristle brush.

In either scenario, you should make repeated passes over your wool carpet in various directions to remove all dirt and dust. If you wait until the vacuum bag is full before replacing it, you may find that the vacuum is less efficient than it otherwise would be.

Why Is It Necessary for Me to Clean a Wool Rug I Bought?

Wool carpets may have a pleasant appearance; nevertheless, the inherent fibers in wool are known to accumulate dirt. It’s easier for dirt and grime to build up on surfaces like rugs and floors in your house, especially if you have more than one. If you want to feel comfortable walking around your home barefoot on your plush, comfy wool rug, add rug cleaning to your home cleaning checklist and include vacuuming or scrubbing the carpets.

According to a manager of a janitorial firm, “the first thing that you may evaluate is how long the blemish has been present in your wool rug.” “Rugs made of wool allow stains to become embedded in the rug’s fibers. If the stain has had time to set in, calling a carpet cleaning firm specializing in removing stains could be the most effective line of action.”

What is the Average Price to Have a Wool Rug Cleaned?

Because there are many different ways to clean a wool rug, the cost can change depending on your chosen method. You won’t be out of any money if you give the carpet a good clean, but investing in a steam cleaner or working with a professional local carpet cleaner will result in significantly better results.

You can rent steam cleaners weekly, or you can buy one.

For wool carpets, a professional cleaning can charge per hour. However, the prices can ultimately vary depending on the services you will need.

How to Get Ready to Clean a Wool Carpet

You can maintain your wool rug by washing it regularly with a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning detergent that is appropriate for use on wool. If you need to clean up a significant spill or are ready to perform a steam cleaning, you will want to utilize the cleansers carefully.

If you hire a carpet cleaning machine, you should avoid using products with high alkaline content. Wool carpets are susceptible to harm when cleaned with high-alkaline products such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, and ammonia. These products. You should also be cautious not to use a cleaning solution that is too hot. Additionally, you should never clean a carpet with bleach since it breaks down the wool fibers in the carpet.

The maximum acceptable cleaning solution for wool rugs is an alkaline one with a pH of around 8.5. If you use any more than that, you risk damaging the organic wool fibers, which over time may produce discoloration and a breakdown of the fibers.

Cleaning Instructions for Wool RugsWhat To Use To Clean Carpet

You can clean a wool rug in a variety of methods, depending on whether you want to shake out some surface-level crumbs left over from the dinner party you hosted last weekend or you need a deep clean to get rid of years’ worth of filth.

Give it a good shake.

If you take your rug and rug pad outside and give them both a good shake, you’ll be able to clear out any loose particles. To take this method one step further, you can hang the rug over the porch or deck railing and then use a broom to brush the carpet to loosen dirt and other particles.

To clean the rug, use a vacuum.

Use a vacuum cleaner on the wool rug every other week to remove dust and dirt. Be sure that your vacuum does not contain a beater bar or that it can be turned off. Any of these features has the potential to pull out wool fibers.

To prevent the wool from becoming damaged, it is also recommended to utilize a vacuum that you can adjust to the height of the pile on your rug. When you have vacuumed one side of the carpet, turn it over and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Detailed Cleaning Following a Mess

There is no experience quite disheartening as realizing that you have ruined your priceless old wool rug by dripping some red wine or coffee. Applying a cleaner specifically for wool rugs to a spill as soon as possible after it occurs is the best way to prevent the stain from becoming permanent.

Freezing water

The use of cold water is an effective method for removing a wide variety of stains from wool carpets. Please stay away from hot water because it can ruin the wool. First, blot the area with a clean, wet cloth. Then, follow up with a fresh, dry cloth to remove the mess.


Vinegar is an effective and safe household cleanser that you may use to remove a wide variety of stains from wool carpets, including food, wine, and even pee from pets.

Mix one part of distilled white vinegar with eight pieces of water at room temperature.

Add a few drops of a dishwashing liquid that is not too harsh.

After dipping a clean cloth into the vinegar solution, apply it to the spill in the manner described above.

Use a clean cloth to dry the spill until the rug is completely dry.


Pouring salt on a stain is an effective way to begin absorbing deeper liquid colors. Such stains include those caused by wine or fruit juice. After the salt has finished soaking up the liquid, remove it from the area by scooping it up with a spoon and washing it with cold water. To ensure that the site is arid, dab it with a cloth until it is.

Use a Cleaning Agent to Scrub

You have managed to track down the ideal vintage wool rug for your living room, just to discover that it has seen better days than it currently has. If you give an unclean wool rug a good cleaning, you may be able to revive it. But you must be careful not to cause any damage to the carpet in the process.

In a cleaning bucket, combine room-temperature water with one to two tablespoons of wool rug cleaner.

Fill up a second container for cleaning with clean, cold water only.

After soaking a sponge in the detergent solution, squeeze as much water out as possible.

Scrub the rug gently, beginning in one of the rug’s corners, then moving across the carpet in a circular motion.

After each pass, you should give the dirty sponge a rinse.

To eliminate any soap residue that could attract more filth, use a second sponge that you have dipped in plain water, wrung out, and then passed over the area that you have just cleaned with detergent.

Then remove any remaining moisture from the wool rug, wipe it with towels and use them to soak them up.

To complete the drying process, hang the wool rug outside.

It would be best if you steamed the rug annually.

It will help if you plan on steam cleaning the wool rug once every 12 to 18 months for the most thorough cleaning possible. You can choose to clean the carpet on your own by renting a steam cleaner. However, if you are concerned about damage since prolonged exposure to high heat and moisture can harm a wool rug if not correctly cared for, you can engage a carpet cleaner to undertake this duty on your behalf.

How to Take Care of Carpets Made of Wool

Rugs made of wool have the potential to become heirlooms. They are also already great candidates for the role of statement pieces in a home. Properly maintaining your expensive wool rug will allow you to earn the most out of your investment and ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Maintain the Tidiness

You should make an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the wool rug in your home. Do this by trying things such as shaking it out and having professional steam clean it around once per year. Dirt and debris can cause harm to wool by wearing down the fibers over time and causing wear and tear.

Turn the Rug Around.

You always ensure that your mattress is facing the opposite direction, but do you also rotate your rugs? If you turn your carpets over once every six months, you can keep one side from becoming faded or discolored. This would harm the overall appearance of the rug. This activity also helps prevent some portions of the carpet from developing a matted appearance due to patterns of foot traffic or furniture legs.

Take off Your Shoes When Entering The HouseClean Carpet

Your shoes have traveled the world, which means they have also been in contact with various unclean environments and items, such as the floors of public restrooms and gum chewed on sidewalks. Instead of tracking additional dirt and germs into your home on your shoes, limit the amount of trash and filth that comes into contact with your wool carpets to your messes. Establish a home policy requiring guests to remove their shoes before entering.

Minimize Spill Risks

Don’t feel like getting the wool rug cleaned after spilling red wine or steak sauce on it? If you want to reduce the likelihood of messes and stains, place wool rugs in areas of the home that are not accessible to food. Also, advise family members and guests to have their meals and drinks in the kitchen or dining room.

Make use of a rug pad.

If you want to provide additional defense for the wool strands in your rug, place a rug pad or mat underneath it. In addition to preventing the wool fibers from becoming compressed, the rug pad’s padding can shield your floors from any scratches or other harm that the rug’s reverse side may cause.

A hybrid technique is the most effective method for maintaining the cleanliness of your wool rug. Make sure to give the carpet a good shake. Then, vacuum it a few times a month. Lastly, spot-clean it as needed after any accidents that may occur on it. To keep the rug in good condition, you need to take it to a professional carpet cleaner for a more in-depth cleaning roughly once every year.