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How to Seal Floor Tile Grout

Before we discuss how to seal tile grout, let’s discuss why tile is a common choice for wall and floor coverings.

The tile is durable and resistant. That explains why it’s so prevalent in areas with high traffic levels, such as homes, restaurants, and retail malls. Tile is straightforward to clean and does not retain filth, which is particularly significant in today’s environment, with the risk of viral infections on the rise.

You’re saying tile is the best material for walls and floors, correct?

Yes, but only under one condition: you must ensure that the tile grout is sealed if your tile was put using cementitious grout.

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Why is tile grout sealed?

Why should I even bother sealing tile grout? You may be wondering before we get into the specifics of how to do it. Is it that crucial? Oh, YES! is the reply.

By nature, absorbent materials like cementitious tile grout have micropores on their surface. Water and grime can penetrate these pores more easily. Therefore, while the tile does not hold dirt and is simple to clean, the grout does. Once land has become lodged in the grout, it can be difficult to remove and may even be hazardous to health.

Why is the grout in the tile sealed?

Before we get into the intricacies of how to accomplish it, you might be wondering why you should even bother sealing tile grout. Is it that important? Oh, YES! is the answer.

Micropores are present on the surface of natural absorbent materials, such as cementitious tile grout. These pores allow dirt and water to enter more readily. As a result, while the tile is easy to clean and does not keep soil, the grout does. Once the ground has embedded itself in the grout, it can be tricky to get out and possibly dangerous to your health.

How to Seal Floor Tile Grout

Is there a method to prevent dirt from penetrating the grout between the tiles and spreading bacteria and germs?

Sure! Tile grout sealers come into play in this situation. Applying a tile grout sealer to protect cementitious grout and deter stains from things like water and oil is crucial. Tile grout sealers keep your tile appearing brand-new for years while making cleaning quick and straightforward.

Water and dirt cannot penetrate the pores of treated tile grout, and microbes cannot flourish there.

It doesn’t take long for grout to exhibit signs of wear and tear, as many owners of tile and grout are aware. The rough surface of the grout attracts dirt even when your tile shines wonderfully after cleaning. You may seal your grout after a thorough (and appropriate) cleaning to make your floors appear cleaner.


How to Seal Floor Tile Grout

Grout Sealing Techniques


Repair and clean. To ensure that the surface you seal is clean, scrape your grout with your grout cleaning solution and a toothbrush.

Select a sealer. Penetrating sealers employ a water or mineral spirit to allow the formula’s minute latex or silicone particles to enter the grout’s granular structure. Showers, in particular, are advised for use with this kind in bathrooms. Membrane-forming sealants cover the grout’s surface with a layer that prevents water from penetrating. This sealer is recommended for spaces like the kitchen that aren’t regularly exposed to water.

  • Supplies
  • supplies for cleaning grout (here are two options using items you probably already have at home)
  • mortar sealant
  • Brush or sponge for application
  • Cloth

Pick your applicator. For narrow grout lines, we recommend a sponge. An applicator brush is more beneficial if there is more ice between tiles.

Apply your initial coat. Cautiously work your way from left to right to guarantee you don’t miss some spots.

Apply a second layer. Go back over the grout to secure a tight seal.

Let it dry. Allow it time to dry before exposing it to water or stepping on it.

To ensure that the process of tile grout sealing is effective and long lasting, contact Epic Carpet and Tiles today!